FUU Silver e-Liquid

Crafted in Paris, France. E-liquids from FUU Silver allow each vaper to find the flavour that suits them best. Whether they’re new vapers looking to give up smoking or current vapers looking for great flavoured MTL liquid. The range features all you need, from tobacco flavours to powerful minty and fruity flavours. All flavours are manufactured and made with tenderness and care.

Minimal E-Liquid

Powerful and full of flavour e-liquids for small devices. The nicotine used in Minimal e-liquids comes in the form of salts for a sensation closer to that of a tobacco cigarette. Minimal e-liquid is aimed at vapers who want to stay discreet with maximum effect from an e-cigarette.

Rope Cut E-Liquid

Rope Cut Liquids are a collection of premium tobacco blends from Canada. Hand crafted and using the highest quality ingredients. Rope Cut infuses the tobacco flavour you crave with your favourite daily delights, helping you weather through any storm that may come your way.

Zap! Juice has followed one main goal, to Empower. Their mission is to bring a new experience to customers and come up with new authentic products and flavours for the vaping community.